Thursday, 17 June 2010

woyww but late cause its t

I use to love joining in with woyww but due to packing and moving up house I havent really being able too - so I thought I'd share my craft room on moving day :(I do have big plans for my new craft space but its not gonna happen overnight but hopefully it will happen in the very near future - until then the dining table rules :)


  1. Hi Deanne - I've been rubbish at blogging recently but for a mixture of things... lack of sleep, in pain, just plain rubbish at it... i need a method/system... anyway - thanks for coming over - i have missed your space and that pink wall... and soon it will be yours no more :O(

    Hope we get some shocking pink in the next place or will it be a chance for a complete change???? Hope the move goes well - all that way for you to travel PMSL!!!!

    Take care, catch you soon... I would have PM'd you but found i didn't have your e-mail...

    Paula x x x

  2. Hope your move goes well and that your new craftspace is fab !!

  3. is all that stash ??? I wanna help you unpack please, Ill pop back and keep track of your new craft space xx

  4. Hope your move goes well Hugs Can x

  5. oooh, a empty craft room to fill! x

  6. Good luck with the move, do you need a hand with those boxes ;)


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