Wednesday, 23 June 2010


I'm having to put all of my craft goodies away at the moment otherwise we'd forever be eating on our laps! So I just thought I'd show you the temporary home of my crafting supplies, well one of them anyways :) Its not wonky honest, I think I may have stood on one leg and leaned to take this image *grin*
Hopefully next week I'll have some works in progress to show you

Yesterday was a downer day for me, the weekend was made shite by a statement and it kinda hit me again yesterday so I spent most of it trying to cheer myself up, which didnt take too long as my wonderful partner had taken every single key to do with the house to work with him! Hence thanks to friends my kids were lifted through windows and taken to school and nursery! lol only me eh - but I got more gardening done, the craft goodies were finally place in said cabinet above and I cooked homemade chicken nuggets which were delicious :) yum yum yum

Anyways join along with this crazy woyww by popping on over to Julias blog and you'll see what its all about then :)


  1. Really love your crafting cupboard.
    A x

  2. Oh it's awful when something keeps playing on your mind like that! Hope today's snoop round the desks cheers you up too. Great storage. Homemade chicken nuggets sound yummy
    Anne x

  3. Hi Deanne

    your craft cupboard is gorgeous! love it


  4. I'm sorry that you had a bad day, but on the plus side, you managed an awful lot of good things :) try not to worry about anything bad that may hae been said - not sure where or by whom, but just know that you've got a lot of plus things going on for you, and the sun is shining, so who cares LOL.

  5. Sounds like a true adventure slipping through windows lol love the cupbard!

    Love DAwn xx

  6. Well, you know they say - it can only get better! Love your cupboard full!!

  7. Would love to have good rummage in your cupboard. Hugs Pam

  8. Cor do you think it was accidentally on purpose? After all, you got a huge amount done!! ANd it took your mind away a bit...bless crafting and organising for that. Your cupboard, however temporary, looks lovely.

  9. Tomorrow is another day.

    Like the look of that capacious cupboard.


  10. Love the cupboard hun and your stash!hope your days improve and the sunshine stays!

  11. cupboard looks, what colour's that wall going to be!?!

  12. Looks great to me hope you are having a better day today although I am sure the children thought it was a great adventure to have to climb through windows!

  13. Beautiful cupboard hun :0)
    *hugs* Heather x

  14. Hopefully things can only improve, it's good to get a lot of things done though, takes your mind off things. Glad you finally got move, hope the new place is working out for you.



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