Thursday, 26 August 2010

I am here

just busy
Only just over a week left before Jack goes back to school (year 4!!!) and Riley starts a different nursery towards the end of September full time in the mornings! The holidays have gone so quickly I feel like we havent done much

The weather is awful here at the moment, constant rain to the point the fish pond is nearly full! which doesnt help with going out and doing things

Jack and I are out to see the film Marmaduke later this afternoon, cant wait for that some quality time together :)

As for this morning and in other spare time I have I'm trying my best to design and make a christmas range ready for my online stores and my craft market, hence this is the look of the dining room table earlier today
Sooo cant wait for my studio to be done, although on a plus point the boys room is nearly complete, with fab bright colours, i'll show once its all finished

Be back more regular once the holidays are finished I think :)


  1. Yes I can't believe I only have a few days left before I return to school :(

    Hope the rain stops and you get to spend some more outside quality time with your children.


  2. Can't wait to see you new space Deanne. Haven't been by your blog for a while (not just yours - not done a lot of blogging) - but hope you are getting on ok in tthe new place.


    Paula x x x


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