Sunday, 10 July 2011

This is a very personal blog post but one I feel I needed to journal

I've had an intense week with hospital visits and supporting one of my bestest friends husband and two small children
Sadly she couldnt fight and hold on any longer and passed away on Friday
Its more difficult to understand because she wasnt ill beforehand
I was with her husband and held her hand and played take that through my mp3 player, I promised her I wont let her down and that her family is now even more my family
The next few weeks are going to be even more intense
I hope I never let her down

The only positive thing to come from all this is the closeness of important family and friends
I'm trying to carry on as normal for my familys sake but I am totally heartbroken, I lost a friend, her husband and children lost so much more

rip my beautiful friend, you had so much more to give, I hope and pray you know that I was there for you throughout and you heard the funny stories I was telling everyone about you. I love you, night night xxxx


  1. Oh Deanne how shocking and tragic for you all. Don't burden yourself with the hope that you'll never let your friend down - you won't, nothing to worry about there. Sending you gentle thoughts and hugs during the difficult weeks to come.

  2. (((((Big hugs to you all)))) . I really don't know what to say.
    What a friend you are xx

    Sharon xx

  3. I'm so sorry to hear this. I've lost two friends, one was gone so quickly, we never got to say goodbye. The other was my BFF for 20 years. She lost her battle with cancer. The very sad part is that I was HER friend and it's been difficult to keep up with her family. They just moved on with their lives. I miss Diana so much even though it's been almost 7 years since she died. She was the best friend I had, one that loved me, flaws and all. Take care and I hope you will be able to stand in the breech for your friend.

  4. My thoughts are with you, her husband and her two children Dee x

  5. Oh Deanne, that was so beautiful. I'm so very sorry to hear of your loss and only hope that your friend is no longer suffering. You poor thing, sending you strength and hugs for what, without a doubt will be a trying time. You're in my thoughts.
    Katie xx

  6. Sorry to hear this shocking news.
    Makes you appreciate the little things that seemed unimportant before.

    You couldn't let Amanda dwn, she knows all that you did and do.She will always be in your heart.
    Take support from your family and friends through this difficult time.


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