Saturday, 27 August 2011


I'm making a few changes in quite a few areas of my life some big and some small, my blog is one of them - all for the better I hope

I've gone back to a two column blog as the three just wasnt working for me at the moment, felt too cluttered
Keep an eye on it as I'm slowly adding new buttons and link boxes, I'm nearly there with the html, my brain has gone cloudy but I'm getting there

I've started my bin collection tuesdays posts which are aimed at fun people that I find who recycle recycle recycle
Then there is friday loves which is a collection of similar crafted items that I either love and/or totally inspire me

So keep checking back for so much more, quirkyboots updates, ,recipes, tutorials and the quirkiness that is me :)


  1. Your blog is looking fab! Thank so much for the sweet goodies you sent me. You knew just how to cheer me up on a miserable drizzly morning xxx

  2. I went back to 2 columns too..but I have no skills like yours - your blog just looks lovely. I may not comment every time, but I do check in practically every day.

  3. It's looking fab Deanne! I always look forward to reading your posts, you should soo write a book!

  4. Your new look blog looks fab. Really bright and colourful and still jam-packed with quirkiness. xx


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