Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Porch - Makeover

Our porch is tiny but a great place to chuck shoes and hang coats and keep the clutter out of the house.
I begged my Mum to give me this old cupboard as it was just hiding under her stairs as I knew it would fit and be perfect for a shoe cupboard, but this needed a little makeover too

I used some eggshell paint and some of the olive paint for the door inserts, added a couple of new door handles. Its not a perfect makeover but I didnt want to take away the fact that it is old

The porch itself needed a little makeover (as does every room in this house) but since we've moved in its just felt really cold to me, so I used a lovely warm 'Olive Green' colour and white around the window and door to allow some more light in.I bought this picture a couple of years ago and couldnt wait to finally use it, its one of my favourites purely for the quote 'Love who you are'
Hopefully the next room I show you will be my studio!!!


  1. That is a lovely piece of furniture and lucky you to persuade your mum to let you have it. :)

  2. Great makeover, gorgeous colours, too.

  3. Wow, what a transformation! Can't wait to see the studio!

  4. That look fab hun! Who knew shoe storage could be so pretty!

  5. oooo that's gorgeous.
    Does your mum have another one "hanging around??"

    {Dab and a dash.}

  6. Wow! You have so many talents! This looks gorgeous x

  7. Love this 30s dresser and I think you've given it a fab make-over, the olive colour is perfect. Can't wait to see what you do with your studio. xx


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