Thursday, 8 September 2011

late & hectic woyww

I know I'm late, I had a pretty busy day yesterday it was Jacks first day in Year 5I met up with my friend Lindsay who I havent seen for ages, so Riley and Eva had a play whilst we talked shop, I love her goodies lots, so always come home really inspired

Another friend in the afternoon as I'm taking photos of her fab crochet goodies for her, I love her stuff, this woman is amazing, no patterns nada! I'll share some more of her goodies once I've photographed them all xAlthough I have a HUGE phobia of the shell like creatures, I managed okay handling this one, although not for long!

The day seemed to take forever to finish and to top it off I didnt feel great - I didnt sleep well, my recent friends passing really hit me hard last night as today is her birthday, to celebrate myself and a friend are going out for a meal, so today I'm majorly struggling with my emotions and keep breaking down :(

As of yesterday this was my desk, its now even messier, busy making up more kits, I'm so happy because I think people actually like them, well there selling anyways x


  1. Life is a b...... sometimes. Keep busy and especially keep crafting- it is brilliant therapy. x jo

  2. One day at a time.. Twiglet's right, keep busy, it'll help xx

  3. What a big lad.

    A and I shared birthdays, so this day will never be the same for me.

  4. Aww ho sweet does Jack look! All clean and new but for how long??
    I am a new follower of your blog, if you have a few spare minutes please pop over and say hello I came across you via WOYWW.
    Helen x

  5. Jack looks very sweet, such a loooong time since mine first went to school

  6. Jack is sooo cute in his uniform! My son is 16 already. I used to take pics like that too!


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