Monday, 12 September 2011

Meet me on Monday

Well what am I going to be doing this week!!!

oh I know

blubbing - as I take in that my little man is starting school! I remember Jack first starting school and I was pregnant with Riley at the time but that doesnt seem that long ago! :( many many many tears may well be shed

creating - using my new found time wisely, i have two events at the weekend so I would like to build up my stock a fair bit

sleeping - yes i'm struggling with that at the moment, so a few early nights are in order me thinks, although sleeping isnt the issue, its the fact I dont feel like i've had enough or had a disturbed sleep when I wake up

Cutting - hair off - yep me and riley are having new hair do's, in fact that was this morning and I feel so so so much better for ityes that is me, rare I know, and blurred, but what do you expect a four year old took it :)

Decorating - theres always decorating to be done here

Worrying - about Riley having his preschool booster on Friday!

Dreaming - off lots of positive happenings

Hows your week going to pan out :) Join us over at Jumbleberries x


  1. It must be haircut week, we all sport new trims (and colour in my case).

    DD has started school today, too. No blubbing, just cracking on with work.

    Have a good week.

  2. Thanks for joining in again with Meet Me on Monday. Lovely to see a picture of you in your post too x. Good luck with Riley's first day at school. Hope it all goes well for him - and for you too.

    Have fun. Jumbleberries xx

  3. Like the new haircuts. Ahh school - with you there. He'll be fine - he'll love it I'm sure, and you can use the time creatively.


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