Monday, 31 October 2011

Meet me on Monday

I hope you've all had a super halloween weekendThis week I'm generally going to be

Photographing - all my new quirky boots products and

Listing - them all in my online stores

School - hours start again on Tuesday

Coffee - and catch up with a few friends

Cleaning - dust, yep still cleaning the dust up!!!

Visiting - the outdoors with the boys for a fresh air lung filled time after school a couple of the days this week

Decorating - I can never hold myself to this one, so I'm hoping I can surprise myself and find the time this week to do what 'needs' and 'has' to be done

Sharing - some fun tutorials on a more regular basis on this my blog that I love

Selling or Donating - all the items I've been decluttering

What will you be up to this week, do share, pop on over to Jumbleberries to join in x


  1. Thanks for joining in with MMOM again. Sound like you have a busy week ahead of you. Looking forward to more of your fab tutorials. Loved the Halloween themed posts and guest posts last week.

    Have fun - Jumbleberries xx

  2. I am the same with decorating - all those little tasks find themselves slipping to the bottom of my to-do list on a daily basis!


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