Friday, 20 January 2012

crochet - the picot edge

I've totally fallen in love with the crochet picot edge for a blanket, its so simple to do and so effective
I'd thought I'd share here how to create this lovely edge to your blanket

*Slipstitch into any stitch on the blanket edge and chain 3
Slipstitch into the first chain
Skip a stitch
**Slipstitch into next st
and repeat from * to ** until blanket edge is complete
Please share if you create a picot edge, it would be great to see it in a variety of colours


  1. I too learnt the picot and used it on a baby bootie - lovely. Great tutorial.

  2. I made the needle case form "cute and easy crochet" by Nicki trench and then used the same edge for a cushion cover. It is so tactile!


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