Monday, 16 January 2012

Meet me on Monday

I have a fair few things to do this week
  • Wicket the pooch to the groomers - done this morning and he looks gorgeous of course
  • Meeting with michelle who I run the market with to go leaflet dropping
  • Photographing new products and re-doing current stock
  • grannies galore!
  • our little ones 5th bday and party at the weekend!
  • To keep inspired for home projects im joining in with 'make a month' which you can find here
  • Finish all the decluttering - sorting i've started, well upstairs at least!
  • Sort out a 'do-able' rota for the boys for after school, one for work and play
  • Baking a cake to say thank you
Just so you can see what I'm having to clear up most days! Riley is very much into colouring and cutting at the moment!It keeps him quiet and me busy with more cleaning!
As you can see we still have a few jobs to do in the dining room, like skirting boards and a little table for the stereo :) x

Pop along to Jumbleberries to see whats Mondays are all about x


  1. Excellent pics, I have a 4 year old who is exactly the same!
    Follow the trail of paper and you'll find her!
    Katie x

  2. Thanks for joining in with MMOM again. Looking forward to seeing some of your new products once you've photographed them - wishing you a productive week.

    My Princess is also into colouring and cutting-up big time at the moment. And although I am trying to be supportive of her creativity, I sometimes do despair at the small snow-storm that I find regularly in my living room!! lol.

    Jumbleberries xx


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