Tuesday, 3 January 2012

The New Year

Last year I set myself the 50 things goal list but after such a horrid year of me been in hospital, one of my closest friends passing away, once the grief had set in, the depression started and then my anxiety attacks came back in full force, financial concerns and just general highs and lows I think I managed to succeed half of the list, which is pretty good considering! so i'm not going to beat myself up about what I didnt get done!

This year I wanted to set a general list of personal goals that are a little more achievable

move into my little studio and start been really productive
use my sewing machine
crochet ME a granny blankie
new ideas for quirkyboots to materialise
lose at least 30lbs in weight!!
create new family traditions
bake treats and/or bread at least once a week
new hair style
save £2 coins, once my piggy bank is full treat myself
handmade gift giving
our gardens! big changes but slowly!
house decor! big changes but again slowly!
blog for me and my style - make good comfortable changes
notebook and diary with me at all times
read more books
try to alter some charity shop clothes for me
learn a new craft for me! what yet i do not know!

Have you set some personal goals for the next? do share x


  1. What a lovely list you have there. Fingers crossed this year will bring you contentment and you'll achieve all you wish. And if not...there's always next year :)
    Katie x

  2. A huge thank you for your lovely comment on my blog, it was so sweet xx

  3. Hope your new year is a lot better!! You are such a positive, happy person, that no one would know such horrible things had happened to you.
    Havent thought of my goals yet, but will have to.
    Take care,

    Sharon xx

  4. Wow. You have achieved so much despite having a difficult year. Good Luck with your goals. I have just set mine and it was hard to make them realistic.

  5. These look like a great set of goals.

    After such a grotty year last year, wishing you a happy, healthy fun-filled and creative 2012.

    Jumbleberries xx


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