Monday, 20 February 2012


When you first start blogging you have an idea of where you want to go with it, and I'm certain that most of us have also got side tracked as in blogging about things that you think you 'should' be blogging about, trying to hard and so on, I'm certainly guilty on some parts and not ashamed to admit it.

Some days I think my blog works some days I think it doesnt, today is one of those days that I think it doesnt!
I use facebook and twitter alot more now for showing off new Quirky Boots goodies, as I have now narrowed myself down to have a folksy and not on the high street online store only so facebook and twitter play a huge part in advertising my handmade business.

So why is this a down blogging day for me, I dont know, I feel that I've gone off track and I'm not blogging 'me' anymore!
Today has been a day full of emotions for various reasons and I sat myself down and looked at everything.

I love my blog, I truly do, my blog is about my life, my family, my hopes fears and dreams
Today I'm getting back on track... especially with the boys!
we've been working hard at home and our living room currently resembles a shell!
our little one is a little manic in some ways but does love to help mummy cook dinner, with thanks to a friend who sells pampered chef goodies, he now has his own little 'safe knife' to help me chop food
and finally, well i've been busy with creating cake buntings again and the magazine you can see peeking out of the bottom, well thats another 'change' I've decided to go back to 'fat club' lots of reasons why, I may share this journey from time to time
How do you feel about your blogging, are you where you want to be... x


  1. Its so hard sometimes. I am going through major life changes right now and I know it's gonna be sucky for another few months. I find it hard not to be negatiive and vent alot cause I'm so all over the place! I hear ya sista!

  2. blogging well I have just recently got back into crafting after having a break due to extension work - so am entering challenges and putting my lil creations and which callege all on my blog but often feel that no matter how much I try and chat to the world - I am very lonely in my blog world. Think the most important thing in view of that is that I use it to record things for me and for my use and if that is helpful to me I will keep going and if not - then stuff it. Life is for living and I am gonna make sure that becomes my priority - I love your blog mate and am sending you big hugs - bit teed off myself this morning - can you tell? lol!!! Hugs matey x


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