Monday, 13 February 2012

The Jam Jars Collective - Part 1

Well heres my first instalment with the glass jars
I crocheted a funky little wrap for a used jam jar and made it so it was nice and snug
and because I love this wool so much I found a little ketchup bottle lerking in the cupboard too which I couldnt help but wrap up and will use as a pretty single flower vase
I've set up a flickr group here if you would like to join, just add your upcycled jars and links to your blogs :) xxx


  1. Wow, what a fab idea - they look great x

  2. Wow...I love that yarn too....looks like tropical waters! :)

  3. Fab idea, not used that one before. Some of my glass jars are in my shop, but I'm also making some new ones (in between other crafts)you can see some of my stuff here:

    I'm not so great at knitting/crochet yet, but I could try this with a basic knit, you could then add embellishments like flowers and beads...oh new ideas!!!


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