Wednesday, 1 February 2012

A late woyww

I'm a stay at home mum so sometimes your days just dont plan out!
The last few days I feel that I've really settled into my new studio and my mojo has appeared again and I have pencilled down so many new ideas
Today I was really cracking on with orders and drawing up a new design when I received a phone call from school, Riley had had an accident and could I please go and collect him and that they urge me to take him to hospital - eek -
I then realised that I dont have the car (I currently car share with my father in law) oh what to do what to do (then I had a sad moment as the one person I would have rang was my lovely friend who passed away last year) I then saw that next door was home, okay we speak but we're not best buds or anything, anyways I knocked on her door rather rapidly and she came to my aid by taking Riley to hospital and then coming to collect me
Riley thankfully was okay, he had ran around the playground and ended up smack bang in a wall! cut on his head, you can imagine the blood loss! to the point Riley told me he had got lots of tomato sauce on his hands (bless!)

A day in the life of a stay at home mum its never uneventful!

Heres my woyww, a montage of my space, not finished but as you can see its busy!

I share lots of different photos on my facebook page, if you'd like to join me, see the link to the right of this post :)
I'm off to bed now to try to have some much needed sleep x


  1. poor Riley, bet his head hurts! And poor you for trying to figure out a way to get to your son, that had to be a panic! anyway, your craft space looks darling and waving hi from the hills of NC :)

  2. I love ordinary days! Hope Riley is better! I like your photo montage! :^) patsy

  3. I am glad to read that Riley was not too badly hurt, I hope he has fully recovered now [[hugs]]. Love the photos of your crafty space, it looks really good :)

    Have a great WOYWW and a fab week, Karen #108

  4. Poor Riley! Bet he remembers the wall is there the next time he is out and about! Glad your neighbor was there to help! I am offering up some blog candy so come leave a comment on my blog and get a chance to win! Thanks for sharing and have a great week. Vickie #90

  5. Oh it is soo scarey...specially before you get to school and you imagine everything. Thank godness for the generosity of your neighbour. Hope Riley's head isn't too achey now. Your studio is looking fab, you must be in heaven!

  6. Those telephone calls are not nice, as Julia says all sorts of things go through your head, and you must have been manic trying to get to him. Hope Riley's head is not painful, a SAHM life is very eventful! can't wait to see more piccys of your studio havea great crafty week Lou@#26

  7. Love the pretty colours, great space!Hope you enjoyed this WOYWW. Zo x 89

  8. Late as usual with my visits for WOYWW but it’s been great having a peek into your crafty world this week.
    What a worry, I hope Riley is ok now and there’s not too much damage.

    Your desk is looking extremely busy.

    Have a good week and …………………………………
    Happy Crafting!

  9. Glad Riley is OK and thank goodness you have a good neighbour you could call on - even if you don't know them very well..yet!
    Your space looks lovely!
    I'm working my way through this weeks WOYWW - I’m finally on the home straight!


  10. Glad he is OK and how nice that your neighbour turned out to be a gem!

    I little positive out of a frightful day!
    I visited your friends blogs...they were lovely too.


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