Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Tin Bucket Lanterns

Heres a quick and easy mini tutorial to make some pretty lanterns
I found some of these mini tin buckets in box and there super easy to get hold off (try ebay)
Using a hole punch, I used my big bite, I punched in the large holes first and then the smaller holes after
Just doing the holes make them look pretty
I then hot glue'd some twine around the middle
Grab a tealight candle and ta da
A very quick and easy set of lanterns ready for the garden in the summer time


  1. Super cute idea! These would be great in the summer for my deck! :)

  2. They're lovely! Thanks for sharing!

    Debbie x

  3. ooo those buckets really are tiny - I bet these look lovely with the tealight lit inside. :)


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