Tuesday, 31 December 2013

In Review - 2013

January was full of snow, trips to London and pie making

February was full of cuddles, artwork & fabric creations

March was full of doodles, redundancy, new bathroom & a book review on zombies!

April was full of sunshine through the windows and baby chicks

May was full of baking, forests, garden adventures & shop keeping

June was full of pooches, shop keeping, decluttering, poorly boy with hospital visits, flowers & a superstar

July was full of forest walks, more hospital visits & becoming a sole trader in my dream little shop

August was full of more baking, more poorly boy, sunshine & note making

September was full of Lego builds, cake decorating, sunshine, finally feeling we are getting support with our little man

October was full of fun family time out, shop keeping & creating grannies

November was full of hot chocolate, a weekend away and a light at the end of the tunnel with the little man

December was full of fun and festive cheer

2013 was full of lots of things to be honest, stress and upset of a redundancy, stress and upset of a poorly little boy with seizures but no one knowing why even after lots of tests, and full of trying to keep a happy healthy family, none of which couldnt have been done without our strong family bond and the support and love of our closest friends xxx

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