Monday, 23 December 2013

Teacup Pincushion

I love creating pincushions and one of the easiet ones around is to upcycle a vintage teacup into one!
Its so simple with just a few easy steps
First pick a teacup and make sure it is clean and dry, choose some co-ordinating fabric and button
Place the teacup upside down on the fabric and draw a much larger circle on the fabric as a template, then cut out
 Using a quick running stitch, just a little away from the edge of the fabric, stitch all the way around
Then pull the thread which will gather the fabric and look something like this, then stuff with stuffing until fit to bursting!
Once your happy with how full it is, pull the thread a little tighter and make a knot in some of the folds of the fabric to hold it all in place, you can then move the filling around a little inside to get the desired look, roundness of the fabric ball
 It should then look something like this
 With your co-ordinating button stitch in place on the top of the fabric from the bottom of the stuffing
 Using a hot glue gun, a little under the top edge of the teacup, make a line all the way around of glue (this needs to be done quickly as the glue sets very fast!) then place your fabric ball in the tea cup and hold in place until the glue has set and the fabric doesnt move
 and voila, a fun handmade gift for someone
 Add some pretty pins to make it even more special
If you manage to use this tutorial do let me know so I can pop on over and take a peek x

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