Friday, 3 January 2014

Never Give Up!

Four months ago by gorgeous moggie went missing! I knew he was missing within 24 hours, I just knew!
I plastered his photograph all over facebook on lost animals and local vets pages, I kept sharing his photo every so often to remind everyone he was still gone.I searched in gardens and along pathways all the time,  I did a leaflet drop around the local area too and sent these leaflets via email to various vets and pets stores

I never gave up hope, more for the closure I needed to know what had happed to my 15 year old baby

On Thursday I had the most amazing message on facebook, within 45 minutes of it been posted on there I went and found Louie curled up in a fuschia bush in someones front garden, he'd been there a week, the lovely lady had fed him and put a bed down for him, and then searched on Facebook for his owner!
He is now home, on Thursday I just kept bursting into tears, he was dirty but not hurt, hungry cold and wet.
I let him settle in with his two brothers before taking him to the vet for a complete check over. He sat on my lap and curled up asleep purring loudly as he always did! I am beside myself with happiness
So never ever give up, it may just be an animal to some, but to me, my moggies have got me through some very dark times, they needed me and I needed them, there my boys x


  1. Awww bless, what a good start to the year! I just got a new cat from the rescue centre after loosing mine over a year ago and having moved house felt it was time. Already very happy she is here!


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