Friday, 7 February 2014

Bread & Butter Pudding

This week I made Bread and Butter Pudding for the first time! My reasoning is I really havent liked any that I've tasted in the past so havent bothered to make some
Due to working in the pantry now there was bread left over that couldnt be made into sandwiches so I thought i'd give it a go!

I couldnt really find a quick and easy recipe online or in any of my cookbooks (was totally shocked at that one) so I took a bit from this and that recipe and came up with my own!

Bread & Butter Pudding

100g sugar
8 slices of buttered bread
1 tsp cinnamon
few handfuls of sultanas (or raisins if thats all you have like I did)
2 eggs
300ml of milk

oven temperature - 180c
  • mix sugar and cinnamon together
  • cut each slice of the buttered bread into 4 triangles
  • layer them in an oven proof dish (pref rectangle in shape) sprinkle with the cinnamon sugar and raisins
    repeat this again for a second layer
  • whisk the eggs and milk together and pour over the bread
  • push the bread into the milk mixture so it soaks it all up and leave it for a few minutes
  • pop in the oven for 35 - 40 minutes until set and browned
Serve with custard or leave to cool and eat a slice, great for pack ups
Guess what! its gorgeous, and thats coming from someone who doesnt like it! Its nice and sweet and not soggy at all
Enjoy x

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  1. Ohh, it's been ages since I made this thanks for the reminder. Last year I bought some Christmas Panettone from Lidl when it was 70% off in January, that makes a really yummy bread and butter pudding.
    I am going to make yours next weekend!


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