Monday, 24 March 2014

Craft Destash

After running a few craft destash events last year and knowing how popular they were becoming, I've set up a few dates for this year too, but this time on a Sunday afternoon which seems to be an ideal day as the first event was this weekend and it turned out to be super super busy - phew
(I always panic in case I havent done enough to get people through the door)
I run these events as its a great way to declutter yourself of craft supplies that you no longer use and want and to refuel a new hobby you may have started

I was quite reserved this time around by buying only a few things! some large frosted bags for my shop as bags are always a must for sales, I shared a large box of scrapbooking goodies with a friend and the rest out of the box that we didnt want will be donated to school for the kiddies to use, and I got a few magazines etc

I can relax for a few months now before the next one - phew

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