Monday, 17 March 2014

Instagram Catch Up

I've had so many projects on the back burner whilst making sure The Warkton Pantry opens okay and my shop is running along just nicely that I feel I've let myself down, and totally stopped creating which is what started everything in the first place

So I got my ideas book out, got my 'projects on the go' box out and took them home from the studio at the weekend to work on

I've still got a stash of gorgeous and cute scrapbook paper that I just couldnt part with so I've chomped into them and made some fun little cards
 I've wanted to make some number cards for ages so decided to incorporate my love of felt and I've come up with these! just need to add them to cards now
 I've made a felt apple for teachers for a few years now, so this time around I thought i'd change it for a crochet one, super cute with eyes and a wavy leaf
I managed to complete them all, super happy, i'll sort the next box of projects out to get finished now i'm on a roll x

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