Sunday, 27 April 2014

The Office - Studio - Creative - Business Space!!! Part One...

Not the comedy series The Office
The Old cluttered dumping ground space!
 My new Office / Studio

After (if I'm been honest) a year of trying to figure out what this room is going to be best used for (craft shop, extension of current shop, workshops) I finally settled on what I truly need it to be! An Office Studio space
I really started to need somewhere to do the business paperwork, with the shop now on Not on the High Street Im keeping stock seperate from the rest, paperwork is building up, a packing, storing, filing and general admin area was needed!
I currently share a studio with a friend but Im so busy within my shop that I very rarely use it, so after a discussion with her, she was super happy to take the studio on by herself which is why my small side room space is now my office/studio

The clutter is now all gone! and its an empty space. My first job is painting the floor - wish me luck x

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