Sunday, 18 May 2014

My Little Vintage - May Event

I havent attended events as a stall holder for so long I was really nervous when I booked this one with a friend of mine
We decided to give it a go, both of us with handmade, some vintage and upcycled items too!

This is me, I was trying to network more than anything and tell everyone about my little shop, hopefully a few more people now know where I am :)
This is my friend Libbys vintage wares
 For this event we booked a little shed so I made us some pretty granny bunting to decorate it, lots of lovely comments about it, more are in the making :)
The event was hosted by My Little Vintage, Julia does a grand job at arranging it all x We'll be back doing an event in July at a garden centre next time :) 


  1. Shame you are so far away or I would come and visit, love vintage. I love the shed and the bunting, makes it all the more authentic xx

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  3. PaperPetal papercuts said, Wow a treasure trove of Vintage! Came across your post whilst looking for inspiration to furnish my outhouse. Loving the fabrics!


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