Thursday, 1 May 2014

The Budget Filer!

Nowadays its really difficult to budget and after seeing an idea online I asked my friend if she could create something similar for me (as usual payment was a crafting trade off! which is great)
I asked for a fabric booklet with pockets which could contain money which would act as a budget file!
I gave her the fabrics (after it took us so long to choose what went with what!) She set about and came up with this, which is just fantastic
The pockets are really good size so it they can contain notes of paper too, they fold over and velcro close so nothing can fall out and the tapes are so I can write what pocket is budgeting for what!
Its just what I was looking for and more
Thank you so much Lorna your a star, although she did say it was most certainly a one off! :) 

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