Monday, 2 June 2014

Lifestyle Meals

I rejoined Slimming World in a bid to lose some weight and become healthier for many reasons
I'm really enjoying it as I've done it before but this time I mean business!!
At the end of the year i'll be turning 40! (oh my goodness) and I just feel really frumpy and out of breath, i'm not hugely obese but I am overweight and really want to change my ways
I love cooking from fresh anyway but doing this is really igniting my passion for good food, although some days I just dont feel that hungry hence the small portions on the plates!

Chicken drummers, new potatoes and salad
Lots of cherries
steak, slimming world chips and salad
cod fish, new potatoes and mushy peas
fish with slimming world battered cod fish
overnight oats for breakfast
pasta bolognaise
sweet potato chips, beans and chicken
I've only just rejoined and so far so good, I'll share my progress and more meals on here soon

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  1. Best of luck Deanne, you go girl! It all looks delicious. A friend of mine has lost 50 kilos so far on the weight watchers diet! She is doing so well.
    You can do it too.
    Katie X


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