Friday, 5 September 2014

Simpler way of life

..without losing the techno geekery!!

Does that even make sense!
Sometimes I just wish for a simpler life!
Pleasure when cooking, eating at the table, baking our desserts, creating a family but relaxing garden, a healthy home (I can feel a BIG declutter coming on), washing drying on the line, walking to my studio and work, the boys happy at school, 'simply' pushing them a little further with homework!

Is it a routine Im crying out for!
Less Stress (we all want this surely)
Is it a make do and mend lifestyle that I'm aching for
Can it be achieved even though we still have techno geekery in the house like games consoles and mobile phones!

After spending the school summer holidays at home and no routine in place this could be why i'm aching for something easier and more organised
After spending 10 days in France travelling, relaxing, camping and having fun this could be why i'm aching for more family time

Its not like all of the above doesnt happen, sadly it just doesnt happen enough, life gets in the way in many forms which stops the simpler life from emerging

I need to change this
I am going to change this
This will happen...

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  1. I hope your holiday was wonderful. I strive on routine but suck at getting motivated. I'm forever procrastinating. Like you I long for a simple life. Being married to a techno geek its hard and I find it draining. One day I turn the tv on one way and the next its set up to do something else. Aaarggghhh, what's with that?
    I bought a sign the other day, you'd like it. It reads..." Life is simple, its just not easy".
    How true.
    Hugs my friend.
    Katie x


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