Monday, 6 October 2014

Vintage Fleur - Exciting new shop space

I'm super happy to say that I have a fab little den in the new Vintage Fleur (previously Lollyrocket) on the high street in Kettering
Closing my own independant shop has given me the chance to really concentrate on my own personal handmade business, I love to create so many different items so I'm hoping this is going to work for me!

This is currently the largest space I'm selling in and I love the idea and fact that I can go and arrange it with new stock, it also means I can sell larger items of stock which is super exciting for me

I started off with a blank slate, the back wall was already wallpapered with a floral design which I decided to keep for the moment and adjust at a later date

I had just over a months notice so I've worked super hard to get a supply in there, I've got lots more to add over the coming weeks and months which i'll of course share and update on here
You can visit Vintage Fleur on facebook here but if your local you can pop in to the tea room downstairs and then finders keepers upstairs and if your a musical buff you can visit rocket records right at the top on the second floor

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  1. Oh I wish I was local. Looks like you've got a great space


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