Friday, 14 November 2014

A week in the life of me... day 4

Its a busy day today - Thursday!

This morning I stocked up and moved a few things around in my den in Vintage Fleur,
I also met up with my lovely friend to have a morning cuppa and catch up whilst we were there, I'm really taken with the chai latte, its my most favourite drink at the moment
Then headed out to My Little Vintage after lunch to do a restock and shuffle around there too, I share this space with my friend to cut down costs and to be able to offer more handmade and vintage in our small space
Although it looked like a fun day, which it was updating my areas, it then became very stressful, with the school siblings photo not going very well at all! then a meeting at school once the boys were home as Jack is having a few issues which need to be addressed!

I sat down on the sofa and finished the basics of a christmas stocking gift I'm making for Riley! Can you guess its going to be!

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  1. Haven't a clue?? Lol. Your space really looks so inviting


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