Monday, 29 December 2014

New Look Going On!

yes I have updated my blog with a delicious grey, mustard and teal theme
I love it, I'm bias but I do I love it
Up there, yep up there on the pages bar you'll notice a few new things!

Simpler Lifestyle - this will start from the beginning of the new year, I have 52 weeks of me showing how I'm attempting to make our home, our lifestyle, little ole me have a more simple yet quality lifestyle, this can be from organising to structure to routine!

2015 - basically a list of goals I'd like us as a family and myself personally to achieve

Tudor House - my gorgeous vintage dolls house which I have so many plans for, its a long term project that is going to take some time and most certainly money to complete so I really wanted to document her journey (yes I've decided the house is a she!)

I've got lots of new ideas to update my blog with and I cannot wait to share them with you
I hope you enjoy what 2015 brings you

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  1. I'm liking the new look, I'm also like the headings,a nd really interested in seeing how your dolls house comes along. I have plans to work on mine in 2015 too


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