Friday, 2 January 2015

Today I had to make the most difficult decision ever!
My beautiful tabby cat Louie became obviously ill on New Years Eve evening, I kept him wrapped him a blanket or my dressing gown on New Years Day and to be honest havent slept either!
We took him to the vets early this morning and it was kidney failure so far gone that it was kinder to say goodnight than let them poke and prod him
He gave me 16 wonderful years!
He was a proper lap cat! a loud purring cat! an adventurer (if you remember he disappeared for four months) beautiful and pretty all at the same time. He was also a brother to Gizmo and Apollo who for the last few nights have practically slept on top of him keeping him warm and loved
We will have his ashes home in a little casket as I promised myself the boys (cats) would never be apart again
My heart is totally broken for now

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  1. Oh I'm so so sorry to hear this, my heart breaks for you xxx


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