Monday, 23 February 2015

Craft Group Sanctuary!

I ran a craft group for three years prior to opening up my gift shop, sadly when I was left to run the business alone I had to make the decision to close the group as time was so limited with my family as it was!
Thanks to having no ties at the weekend anymore I made the decision to restart the group as it was such an important part of peoples lives, which may sound kind of silly but when you just need to take a break from family life to fulfil your crafting hobby needs, to finish a much needed project, to chat to other adults who enjoy the same things then the group became a haven for this

I'm excited because I've fully booked the hall up from February to December and the regulars and newbies are already booking in
Our first meet up was this weekend and it was fabulous to see so much craftiness going on
If there is nothing like this going on where you live then I think its something for you to look into, find a small village or community hall, message all your friends, post on craft groups, you will find it so fulfilling

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