Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Easter Break

The easter break seemed so long ago now as the boys are now back at school
We went and spent some quality time with my parents who also happen to live near the seaside, so lots of fresh air, walks around the village, icecream and relaxing was done
I treated myself to this amazing colouring book, the drawings are just beautiful and I cant wait to make them come to life with some colour
Back home and near my workshop the lambs are springing about and cant help myself but nip round there to see the poorly ones and give them a few cuddles
A fresh walk around Sywell Country Park really helped all of us that were feeling a little like cabin fever was setting in, I've not been well with an ear infection and has been chronic agony! I still have it but slowly the antibiotics are working their magic
 Three generations
My sad day was losing my 16 year old beloved Apollo, I knew he was missing and I could just feel it! I found out he had been run over close to home and a lady had taken him to the vet after finding him, sadly they couldnt help him, I'm pleased I know what happened as its the not knowing thats the worst!
His ashes will be coming home to sit with his brother Louie who we only lost in January this year
Out of my trio of brothers that now leaves Gizmo, who is blind and missing his brothers terribly. I've given him extra crochet blankets and even a teddy to help ease his pain of loss and of course more cuddles than normal to help us both grieve
Its been quite a break
I'm sure normality will resume soon, although to be honest I dont believe normality runs in our household

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