Monday, 24 August 2015

Pottery Class - Bird Feeder

I've treated myself to a few extra pottery classes this summer, the first one was a bird feeder
When I arrived I had no idea in mind at all about a design, until I saw a butterfly print on the chair cover and went with that!
The clay we use turns out white (still surprises me everytime) so I chose to add a few hints of blue colour to my pot
For this class we had to throw the pot and make a bowl, then on the table we had to curve the bowl in to make a lip so the food wouldnt drop out and then add our decorations, of which were two pretty butterflies
I'll be honest, mine needed alot of support! Loo rolls make great supports, i'm certain there was 3 at one stage holding various bits up!
But the outcome was worth it! I LOVE it
I just need to find a place in the garden for it now!

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