Friday, 25 November 2016

Home - Decluttering and making our spaces work for us

I'm easily stressed by the amount of clutter that seems to accumulate in our home! I have a good splurge then its like its all back again. Living with all boys I find it difficult to put too much of a feminine stamp on the rooms!
I woke up one morning and thought enough was enough, the boys are back at school, the husband works odd hours, I'm now working part time and also trying to run my own small business, things needed to change.
The best way I imagined was room by room, I made notes (I love lists!) about each room and what their primary function was and decided on a plan, one that I thought I could share as I go along
I started with some downstairs spaces, just totally gutting, deep cleaning and decluttering them
From the front porch, hall stairs and landing, living room and understairs cupboard I've managed to fill 3 bags full for donating

Our living room feels calmer and more cosy, our porch more welcoming, the stairs clear and the storage space actually useable
I still want to add some decorative accessories here and there and I'm always on the search for the perfect sideboard in the living room (one day I'll find it)

I'm all for simpler living, having a budget and I donate all of my decluttering to an amazing charity 'Emmaus'

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