Friday, 11 November 2016

Life Lately!

Last year I decided that blogging was too time consuming and I was getting so lost with it all and its true meaning. I got lost from the fact that blogging for me was a little look into our lives at home and a great way to document and save moments in time

I tried to start a new blog earlier this year as the passion for blogging came back and I truly believed that's what I needed to do, but my heart wasn't in it! I kept coming back here to see memories and sigh and giggle
My passion is welling up so much that I've thought sod it, I'm opening up this blog again and making our memories count

So much has changed in the last year
I've settled into a new job, the boys have started another new year at school, our home has had some great improvements.
My small business has grown for the better and I have so much more enthusiasm for it and new designs are always brewing
I've sadly had to say goodbye to all three of moggies, to be truthful I'm hurting a lot and after saying farewell to my last moggie I felt like a huge chunk of my life had gone, especially after having them for 18 years!

I cant wait to share some of what we did last year and our new adventures

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