Tuesday, 15 November 2016

St Michaels Mount - Cornwall

I truly believe that Cornwall is a place where dreams are made or at least dreamt up
Earlier this year whilst on a holiday in Cornwall we took a day trip to the beautiful St Michaels Mount, they have an amazing website to plan your day and the first page has you hooked on the tide viewings

We took the boat ride over and started our tour, sadly the gardens were closed so onwards and upwards to the castle it was, I cannot describe to you the beauty of this place, I mean everything, the buildings the gardens surrounding the walk, the history, the air, just everything

You can see by my photos how much of a beautiful day it was for us, the sky was bright blue and that Cornish flag flying in the breeze was just amazing. The boys loved it, by the time they reached the top and saw the canons and could see across the sea and land they were in awe, they loved joining in with the castle quiz, as they were asking more questions, they were learning more about the myths and history and to be honest so were we

One of my personal favourites inside the castle was the beautiful blue settee, the colours were so vibrant and I could imagine back in the day how grand they were, what really made it for me was knowing that our Queen Victoria had sat on that very sofa! A piece of history just there ..

After a fair few hours of walking, and learning the history and enjoying the area, we took the boat ride back to the mainland where an amazing hot chocolate was most enjoyed

We became members of the National Trust so we can visit more and more of our beautiful heritage and I'm so pleased we did as this day was so memorable for us as a family
Not only does been a member of the National Trust enable us to so many perks but they keep up the good work of maintaining these beautiful places that could otherwise fall into ruin

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