Saturday, 18 March 2017

Pottery Workshop - Pinch Pot Windchime

Another pottery class attended ('m pretty addicted) this time it was a windchime theme, Stephanies were amazing design ideas but after searching through pinterest and seeing this I was hooked! (parden the pun) on creating something similar as a gift to the man of the house for his love of Koi!

Rather than working with clay in slab form, I rolled it out quite thick and using a circle cutter I cut out my shapes one at a time, and after a quick demonstration from Stephanie about pinch pots! I used that technique to create each scale!
Once done I pressed in doilies and stamps to add some scale details
I enjoyed making this one so much I couldnt wait for them to be fired in the kiln!
I also bagged the funkiest apron whilst there!
Stephanie added some black glaze to it and then each piece was complete
Each scale was strung together with a knot under each one, if I'm honest I'm super proud of this make and totally love it and cannot wait till another pottery class

Stephanie holds pottery classes in her workshop, contact her for more details

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