Sunday, 23 April 2017

Lambs, Pottery and Gardening!

This week was all about settling back down to normality with the return to work and school after our much needed holiday, happily though it was only a 4 day working week so smiles all round.

School is always a worrying time as Riley is not a fan, if he is interested in the current terms project then its not so bad, this term is greek gods! Thankfully this week has gone okay with no issues which always makes for a great week
Jack is in his first year of GCSEs and coping okay with them, I still don't think he realises how much more of a workload is coming his way!

For me personally this week I got to feed the local lambs after work each day which just makes my soul smile every time I see them. That's it for another year though so I look forward to next spring already.
I had another pottery session this week, I truly love it, totally for personal pleasure, if i'm honest I'm not happy with the pot I threw but I'm hoping the decoration hides that! It sadly has a week point but I did learn the bubble blowing technique so it wasn't all bad
This weekend the garden has had all of our attention, there is so much to do and to be honest we're still not sure exactly what we want to happen but we are making a start, lots of pruning, weeding and tarpaulin

Our garden is quite large (its not all in the photo) so we are trying to make a plan to design a family friendly garden, the trampoline for the boys, a seating area, lawned area, shrubs and growing our own veg!
We are slowly making progress and we're hoping to work so much more on it as the weather allows us too

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