Friday, 2 March 2007

Sooo tired..

I am so tired at the moment, trying to do everything at once, thats my problem.
I keep forgetting I have a newborn in the house again and its not so simple to just 'get on'.

Poor Rileys been grizzly all day and Jack is still talking about the fireman that went to his school earlier on in the week - this term they are concentrating on people and their jobs, and they've had nurses go to the school and of course the firemen, where Jack got to hold the hose and put the fire out and he sat in the fire engine too.
My two boys - wow - cant believe I'm actually saying that, very wierd, I love them both very much, and its all still abit over whelming having Riley here too.
Jack loves him tons and he makes me feel so proud with how he wants to help all the time and says how much he loves Mummy, Daddy and Baby Riley.

A picture of my boys!

Jack also had assembley this week and his class were singing a pancake song, bless him , he looked great as usual.

Found it really difficult this week to find any crafting time, so have missed out on the dares this week but will try to catch up.
I am been positive about my website and trying to update that as much as I possibly can, trying to advertise it alot as I soooo dont want to go back to work, a) its not cost effective to really and b) I just love been at home with Jack and Riley.
Trying to update my card collection as I have a craft fair at the end of April and I generally do really well there, but my style is changing so much that I want a good selection for people to look at.
Just started to slowly add a baby range to my website, handmade baby gifts, natural baby toiletries and an organic range of clothing flower boxes! just waiting for delivery of those...
Anyways its late, Riley only 'just' settling, so must try and get some kip myself.

Will add some card photos soon... maybe over the weekend if I get a chance...

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