Tuesday, 20 March 2007

yuk yuk yuk...

So much to do, but soooo full of the flu!!!
I am exhausted, woke up with this flu on Saturday morning! and its now hit me really hard, I have a lovely shining red raw nose, sore throat and aching body!!
But still one must plod on with the school run and a eight week old baby!
I was up at 3am this morning!!!! As just could not sleep at all..........and I have amazingly just sneezed 15 times in a row!!!!!! and still counting as I type this lol.
I have been busy making cards for my next craft fair at the end of April, but I still but I still have so much more new stuff to get done.
Will post with better update next time!
Ended up having mothers day dinner round my lovely friends house on Sunday - thankfully - as cooking was the last thing on my list as my flu was just beginning... so thank you Cazz for that and a huge thank you for the night off on Saturday so that me and Terry could go to the fancy dress party!!! I'd post a photo but we look like nutters! Well Terry does anyways, especially with the wig...

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