Friday, 13 April 2007

sooo tired.... again lol

... but I did spend half the night up thinking of ways not to go back to work, and how to manage once the maternity runs out! I have a whole year off work so I need to sort myself out sharpish...
I've done a leaflet for my website and have decided once Jack is back at school next week to go leaflet dropping in some neighbourhoods near me, you never know, someone may need a baby gift or wedding stationery.
Also gonna pop along to the hospital and see if they will put up a poster as I've decided to invest in some premature baby clothing too, and thats the best place to advertise really, fingers crossed.
Did the dreaded shop in Asda today, sooo busy there, but great and full of bargains, especially with me and cazz looking for slimming world stuff!!! oooh no too many sins!!! darn it - lol
will defo get into gear and do my first LO tonight, and will post on here asap...
ttfn dee x

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