Monday, 16 April 2007

Last day...

...before school starts again.
Us and Cazz & Marks family went off to Emberton Country Park for the day (Taylor had to stay home as she was poorly - bless) so she missed out on a fun packed day, a huge picnic at the park, football, icecream and a very long walk.
Cazz insisted that she spotted a 'famous' person, but I'm not so sure!!! But we'll give her her moment - lol.

Then we went off to Billing Aquadrome for a well deserved 'drink' and yet another long walk, hopefully Cazz and I managed to shed some of the non friendly picnic food!!!
Took some great photos of the kiddies in the play area, so i'll post a few, also I'll dare to put some on of Cazz & Mark and Me and Terry!!!!! Enjoy lol...
The photo of Jack and Jake is great, very cool dudes!!!

I am sooo not into photos of myself at the moment, but must post them, then at least we'll see the new leaner meaner photos of us, when we hit 'target'!!!!

Another bonus to today, I got my second instalment of self addressed scrapping stuff today, so cant wait to see what I can do with that.

Terry is sadly on nights for a week now, so I find it difficult to sleep!! boo hoo, so i'll be scrapping well into the night!!! lol


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