Friday, 1 June 2007

Sick of Choc...

...can we, as in women, ever be sick of chocolate! The will power to stop yourself from having one tiny piece is exhausting! lol
I kind of talked myself into making truffles for my parents silver wedding anniversary! I did their invitations, favour boxes and I thought, oooh how lovely, handmade truffles... but you have to bear in mind that I have never made truffles before! So why the hell did I offer, a moment of pure insanity.
Well they went well, and looked good and tasted great (see will power slipped already) but my god, how hard is it to make a truffle shape, I could have launced the melon baller out of the window at one point! and my poor friend Cazz! lol well lol - language is all I can say my dear - LMAO.
So I tuttled off to Tesco and sadly bought some 'heaven' truffles... and we sat watching BB (Cazzs request, most certainly not mine) stuffing a truffle into favour boxes, I hope mother appreciates this!!!

Also for those of you that know us! We are very much a BMW family, old ones not new ones! But I have been ordered to take photos of my trusty beautiful BMW as we are selling it! Boo Hoo... so off again I tuttled outside to take a few piccies, and I'm on my second one and then 'where the hell did that rain come from!!!' god only knows, one minute it was dry then it was a downpour, hence the rain on lovely jubbly car.

Thank you Cazz for your help with the chocolate, and the Riley poop poop incident (whilst I was at Tescos) - (good boy) - x

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  1. I've made chocolate truffles so I know how time consuming they are!

    Next time - put some cocoa powder on a marble slab or something, and dust one of your hands too, then just roll a spponful of the truffle mixture between hand and surface to make a ball. A melon baller sounds like HARD work!


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