Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Challenge 7..

..Caardvarks stumped me on this one!!! I really lost my creative streak that I've had for the last six days, but I finally came up with this. Bo Bunny velvet flowers paper, stamped house then watercoloured and a red silk flower. Hence - Good Luck in your new home... I didnt have anything shamrock - y!!! Oh well
To add to this, my little boy lost his first tooth last night - whilst eating pizza! He was none the wiser until I let out a yelp of 'Open your mouth baby'

We told him that the tooth fairy would do a magic spell so the tooth would come out of his big toe whilst he was asleep and then she would leave him some money - couldnt face a sleepless night if I told him the truth!
Excuse the messy hair - he's a monkey for getting up at 6am nowadays! lol

My lovely friend Becky cut and coloured my hair today and I took a few shots of her gorgeous baby girl - sadly though my battery was running out so all the shots were blurred, this is the only one thats of any use!
Beautiful Kyanna - which I cannot find the meaning for the name anywhere!!! Someone help!
Da da da, da da da, da da da da da da da - oh dear how I hum in my head, send myself to sleep, which is where I am off to right now. Sleep tight, dont let the bed bugs bite x

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  1. Great card, love your take on the challenge. The PP is gorgeous!

    Aww at your DS's losing his first tooth, specially in his food!


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