Monday, 23 July 2007

Last Day...

... of Reception... wow where did a school year go, I think I was more upset than Jack! Dont think he quite realises how long 6 weeks is yet, he asked if he was going to school this morning, bless him.
Here are the cards I made for the support teachers that Jacks had all year, I am just loving felt flowers and handwriting now!
and here is the mini book I made for Mrs Cadman, I havent totally agreed with her throughout the school, but Jack adores her and he certainly is learning so I made her this lovely mini book which I thought was a tad more personal. and I also just wanted to share a photo of my boys, when this downloaded I felt so proud, I mean really really proud, they both look so happy, thank you babies. We are in the middle of major redecoration!!! Due to a mis calculation of measuring for a fireplace!!! We were just going to put new flooring down! await delivery of our new leather sofa (today - Monday) - hehe - and hey ho - but NOOOO - in one night (Sunday) we've had to strip all the walls, remove an old concrete fireplace and now have a gaping hole in the wall and floor! a brand new - very expensive - leather sofa in the living room with the laminate not arriving till tomorrow!!!!! (Tuesday)
Hence Mummy, Jack and Riley are off to Nanny, Pop Pops and Megans for a week to leave dear old him indoors to finish off - bless him. Good Luck babe.
I'd like a ribbon to cut when I arrive home to see the master finish!
Here's a sneak peek at the chaos!!!!

Night night for now... Gonna miss my mate Cazz whilst we're away, you better make sure you've got credit gal - lol.

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