Tuesday, 7 August 2007

My Poor Blog...

...has suffered these last few weeks, although we have been busy. So I'll try to sum up the last few weeks.
The three of us went to Nannys whilst Daddy did the major work in the living room, will post new photo once all finished, very happy with it we are.
A few photos from Nannys to start with, Jack on his donkey ride and making fruit kebabs...
Me, Jack, Megan and Riley all spent the day at 'Natureland' in Skegness, it really is a great place to go, its not very big, but the work they do there is amazing, the amount of baby seals they have saved is amazing. Heres a few piccies I took whilst there...

One of these penguins is actually 34 years old!!!! bless her heart...

They also have a butterfly park in there, and I'm not one for things flying around my head, so I did look like a nutter ducking and diving the butterflies - lol - but Jack was very happy as he was studying butterflies in reception and told me all about them.

I also asked my dear Niece Megan if there were any shell like creatures ie: tortoise, turtle bla bla bla, 'No Aunty Deanne' I then leaned over a wall and near on passed out with fright!!!! Bloody tons of the things - eek - I mean what do you call a phobia of tortoises!!! darn right stupidity probably... lol
We then popped to see the local windmill

This Saturday I had a craft fair in Kettering, it didnt do too well, bit slow all round really but I was pretty pleased with my table considering I got there and it was an oval one!!! At least I managed to make five scissor holders - yes that really was how slow it was -

Must take some photos of my scissor holders, my friends asked me to make one for her nurses scissors too.

Till the next instalment - Goodnight... x

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