Thursday, 13 September 2007

Bumble bee

Well the prompt for HS-MS today is Curious - Eager to know or learn. Find 'curious' in your space today.
Well in all honesty I dont have a photo, or one that I can see is curious, and smiley riley wasnt playing much either for the camera - typically.
But tonight we all sat down and watched the new 'Transformers' movie, we have it, dont ask how! and Jacks face was just lit up the whole way through it (he'd already seen it at the cinema as well - so was telling me all the way through what was going to happen! I hadnt seen it I might add) and anyways, I was curious as to why he loved it so much! But when I saw him show his emotional side when you think bumble bee is going to die, I suddenly became aware I was upset too!!!!! Why the hell was that, I am more than curious now.... lol

Me - 'is he going to die' 'is he going to be alright' 'will he transform into something else' ' oh look hes okay - i think'.... lol

So a big thank you to bumble bee for making me a child again for five mins (some may argue for longer, but its me you gotta listen too)

Night night x


  1. It's good to have moments of childhood feeling again! Good take on 'curious'

  2. Great take on 'curious' made me smile.
    Loving all your latest crafty stuff too, gorgeous :)

  3. Love this one! My son was a huge Transformers fan when they were around originally!


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