Friday, 14 September 2007


Tweezers - An instrument for picking up small objects. Find tweezers in your space today.I know its in focus at the wrong end, but I just kinda like the shot!

There is a story to tweezers in this house, apart from the obvious brow pluckers and button picker upper...
Last summer, Jack decided to stick something up his nose! It was a casualty job, because as I said, blow, he sniffed and up the blighter went!!! We were then sent to another casualty as it was only 7am and there was no-one there available to remove it! so I had to drive for 40 mins to the next hospital! Got there, they had no idea who we were, even though it had been rang through!!! yeah right!

I then had to sit and hold his hand whilst a doctor told me, 'I will try this only once!!!' then I will have to put him under to get it out. Thank god, it came out the first time! It even looked painful...eekk, and bless him, normally he's so emotional but he was so brave... then...2 days later he shoved a bloody sugar puff up his nose!!!! Whatttttttttttt so out came the tweezers and I managed to get it as it was only slightly UP THERE...

Since that day he has never (touch wood) done anything like that again.... Kids are defo sent to try us.
Back later with more stuff...


  1. I love this shot - it's fab!

    Had to laugh at the 'sticking stuff up the nose'! My granddaughter Aaliyah did something similar too - firstly with a tiny wooden bead, then a couple of weeks later, with a chocolate raisin!! She got the tweezers too! lol


  2. Ooooh i like this angle cos it's different. X

  3. Awww... poor little fella - he was just curious (should have had a pic of it for yesterday's prompt!! LOL!!) My 3 yr old son came to me once saying his eye was hurting - when I examined it there was nothing, and I lifted the lid and there underneath was a huge polystyrene ball!!! He has a thing (still!) about polystyrene balls, but to shoove one in his eye.....!!!!! tut! Great tweezer shot!

  4. Great story about your tweezers photo!

  5. Kids, eh!!! Great shot of the tweezers.

  6. Fab pic, and if you like the shot then Id say it is in focus at the right end ;o)

  7. If you like the angle that is all that matters. I like it nice & close. I am glad the tweezers came in handy for your son.
    Liked your curious story also.

  8. I like the angle and the focus! well done

  9. sorry I had to laugh at the sugar puff!!! My eldest has never done anything like that, but my second is a little sodpot so I think I could well end up with a story like this one day!!

    Great shot:)

  10. Loving your story, and somehow gone off sugar puffs for now, lol.
    My dad, who was a doctor in Casualty, used to say to children 'never put anything smaller than your elbow up your nose, or in your ear'.

  11. Great angle. Most unusual :)

    LOL at the tweezer story . . . aren't children wonderful :D



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