Friday, 7 September 2007


Talk - To converse or communicate. Show us 'talk' in your space today.

This is a wierd one, my friends just been over (Hi Cazztastrophe- as Tel calls her) and I said to her about this challenge, how I didnt just want to use a mobile etc, and then I saw LaLa lying on the floor. This was Jacks when he was a baby and he came downstairs with it ages ago and told Riley he could have it - how sweet - anyhows - wheres this leading your saying - LaLa talks and sings to you!!! head, shoulders, knees and toes - knees and toes - lol and Riley adores it.

Also I bought this for Tel after Riley was born as I thought it was gorgeous and really showed a bond between daddy and son - its called New Dad.
A silent talk here I think. I just love it though.
Also Top Designer class started today over at Bad Girls, so I've signed in and told teacher I'm here, my assignment needs to be in by next Thursday - should just have enough time to come up with something...ummm thinking cap is on.
Night night for now. x


  1. I love that New Dad ornament and of course LaLa is cute!

  2. Two very different photos, but each is a great take on the prompt

  3. Clever! I remember the teletubbies :) Can't remember which of the family was lala though. Think I was Po !!!

    These figurines are beautiful. I have bought them for teachers and friends at Christmas. Maybe one day I'll get one :)


  4. Really lovely takes on the prompt, the statue is so poignant!

  5. love the ornament, what a lovely gift for a new dad:)

  6. Ah, my eldest daughter had all four tubbies and i found one of them when i had my next daughter 6 years later, it's still around now!


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